Barb’s Rifle not spawning


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I suspect that Barb’s Rifle is not spawning just as the Curator’s Rifle is not. I have scoured Coastal Highway twice. No Rifle.

I have a theory. I had to restart my playthrough in June. I found Vaughn’s Rifle pretty quickly. Then the v2.19–2.22 updates came out before I made it to Ash Canyon. There was no Curator’s Rifle. And now I am in Coastal Highway… no rifle. I think it was one of those updates that killed the variants. Can’t be sure, but it seems likely.

What worries me is not so much if Hinterland does not fix this in a way that restores the rifle variants to my savegame, rifles are heavy so I usually use a bow. But now that I am pretty sure it is affecting two items, I am concerned that other content is missing and will at some future date break my savegame. TLD takes too many hours to play, only to discover that after 250 hours you have to restart again because of a bug.

I really do hope that Hinterland includes the functionality to force items and edit and convert save games natively in the vanilla game so that players can overcome these problems without throwing away months of progress.

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10 hours ago, yollarbenibekler said:

Same issue. Also the warden's pistol disappeared.

I found the Warden's Revolver and the big handcannon (Hunter's Revolver). But I am not sure of the date I found them. Love the warden’s pistol. Sorry you are not getting it. I found it in the guard tower near the infirmary that you always have to go all the way around to get to. The one with the rope climb.

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On 9/17/2023 at 7:28 PM, dahemac said:

I suspect that Barb’s Rifle is not spawning

Strangely, I seem to have the opposite situation. Barb's rifle is repeatedly spawning for me... I currently have Four Barb's Rifles (XBox).

I haven't tested whether there is a minimum period of being away before returning to Coastal Highway to trigger the spawn, but it was interesting that the first spawn was only at 34% condition, while the subsequent spawns are all at 55% condition.

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