Will we get more backstoy about Astrid and Will?


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Its just that in trailer of Wintermute theres a smashed picture of Will and Astrid along their kid (to be it looks like a boy but cant be certain). I am assuming that kid died of "unknown disease", which turns out later to be the virus that impacted the Perseverance MiIls which may be the reason that Astrid wanted to go there... I dont know this is just me rambling on just I dont want that story of two most important character gets just thrown on side or just given a one episode or explained in few words. Hope you guys kept their story in mind and didnt forgot about it! Anyway you guys are doing great job as always. Take care :)

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I find it very unlikely that we won't get any new information about either of them. Episode 5 will be the climax of the story after all, so we'll likely have to get some story about the two of them. 

However I don't think we'll get TOO much. After all, TLD does strive to be a immersive experience. And part of that effect is being able to see yourself in Will/Astrids shoes. If we get a whole autobiography of them, it might take away from that feeling. I'm hoping I make sense with what I'm saying about that.

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From what I've read, this is the end of the Will & Astrid story.  I really hope HL ties up all the loose ends and unanswered questions which have arisen over the life of Wintermute.  It would be fun if HL released a short story of their background.

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