Renewable Loot, but with a twist


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I have an idea.

You can discover one of Rudiger's many gadgets in a new region, or in a newer subregion.

Once the device is activated (during an Aurora), all relevant devices will show warning signs for the next 14 days. Weather stations will have massive alert screens, buffer memory computers will show a pop-up warning of a massive incoming storm, radios will play pre-recorded EAS broadcasts, etc. Glimmer Fog will also appear intermittently in every region, to show that you are tampering with Mother Nature herself.

After that, there will be a massive 7-day blizzard with constant Glimmer Fog and record low temperatures which will gradually refresh the loot tables of every region except for ones that have been designated by the player by placing specially designed beacons (which look kind of like arctic light poles) to prevent the marked area from being refreshed. Useful if you have designated safehouses.

The only locations that are truly safe from the storm are bunkers, areas marked with beacons, and large buildings such as the Carter Hydro Dam.

This would also optionally add the Perseverance Mills Fallout Shelter region and location- one of many designated meet-up points for everyone in Perseverance Mills in case of a nuclear attack. In other words, a giant fallout shelter. Long since looted (or maybe not if you're on Pilgrim), but an ideal shelter from the blizzard.

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