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Revolver Firearm now affects the Distress Pistol.

Level 0 (Pacifism Fault from my other suggestion)
You have had very little experience with smaller weapons, and can barely load them, let alone fire them.
>You have a chance to fail insertion of an individual shell, with a higher chance if you're using the Distress Pistol. (Example: Accidentally catching the bullet on the edge of the cylinder for a moment before inserting it, or missing the cylinder entirely and having to retry inserting it)
>Your hands shake when you aim, as though you were freezing, regardless of your temperature.
>Recoil compensation reduced by 25% (weapon has more kick)
>You reload 20% slower

Level 1
You have average experience with smaller weapons. While you can load and fire them, they are clumsy in your untrained hands.
>Average skill level

Level 2
You are slowly yet surely getting better at handling small weapons. Your hands are steadier and don't anticipate recoil as much.
>Recoil compensation increased by 25%

Level 3
You've trained your reloads so many times that you're practically doing it on instinct now. You finish reloads a lot faster than you expect.
>Recoil compensation increased by 35%
>You reload 20% faster

Level 4
You're a professional. You've learned to handle your weapons with care, and you know how to handle them so they won't break as quickly.
>Recoil compensation increased by 50%
>You reload 30% faster
>Per-shot degradation reduced by 25%
>Aim Assist: Minor

Level 5
You could out-gun any cowboy from the West, let alone the East, North, and South. Your splint times are legend. You are a highly mobile Death, like a blizzard on the mountains.
>Recoil compensation increased by 70%
>You reload 50% faster
>Per-shot degradation reduced by 50%
>Aim Assist: Moderate
>Draw time reduced by 50% (NOT aim time. DRAW time. As in, the actual animation when you equip the revolver. That gets halved.)

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Just now, xanna said:

I don't know much about firearms, but since a distress pistol is used in emergencies I had assumed it was designed to be easy to use by lay people and very stressed out people.

Considering that you're most likely not using it for an emergency in game, I think the Pacifist Fault would apply.

It's not stress. It's a mixture of guilt, sadness, and self-hatred over the fact that you have to hurt someone. You're a pacifist. You don't want to use it. But you have to.

So you hesitate. A lot.

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Yeah, I get that. Between nerves and cold and unfamiliarity, there's a lot of reasons why the survivor would fumble and bumble more than if they were comfortable in a shooting range.

My point was more that my assumption is that a distress pistol specifically, unlike other firearms, would be designed to be as idiot-proof as possible, so I don't mind that the game treats it a bit differently from the rifle, revolver or bow, eg I don't mind that there's no skill level for it.

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Personally, I think the current systems work fine, and I don't really see a need to overhaul it in the ways OP described.

When talking about a survivor's "nerves" or "hesitation," I believe these are really an individual player's skill / habits / mistakes...  and I'd posit these "level up" through actual "player experience."  For me, this means that making them more dependent on hard-set (and arbitrary) mechanic... I feel this takes away from the player's own individual skill level in having to use the extant mechanics effectively.

I don't mind things like reloading being a more-or-less fixed value, because it gives the player the opportunity to get better by having to take that timing into account.  This requires the player to get better through practice... whereas affixing those variables to a ridged gameplay-mechanic's progression, then it effectively requires less from the player themself.  

For all these reasons, I'm not really in support of this proposed change.
Generally speaking, I'm not often in favor of things that seem to only serve to ultimately just make things easier for the player.

Also... unless we are talking about the limitations of console controllers, I really don't like the idea of "Aim Assist" at all.

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