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FaT McMarlin

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I'd love for a forge to be added to the Ash Canyon corner of the map. The Desolation Point forge is the only one on that side of the world. Every other forge region is connected on a strait line from Forelorn Muskeg, Broken Railroad and then into Forsaken Air Field.

While a powerful area from the technical pack, the mine entrance would be a perfect location. No shelter so you're subjected to the elements no matter what's happening. Plus there's the struggle of getting a hammer and materials to the location for forging.


I also would love it if you could find your most recent death in your current run. Should only track the most recent death at the very start of the run. Got eaten by a predator, the body is broken open like a deer carcase saying ravaged survivor. Fell, broken, frozen for frozen ECT.

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1 hour ago, Leeanda said:

A forge on the other side of the map would be good😊.  How about miners folly too?  There's a ready meal on the doorstep😁

Folly or outside the mine would be great. And it doesn't even have to be in Ash Canyon, somewhere in TWM or Black Rock would be ok with me as well.


1 hour ago, DIA said:

Very good offer!🤗

Thank you. I try.

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