Bunny Ballistic Vest?

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40 minutes ago, Valuable Hunting Knife said:

ah thanks- good point re: skill level. What perplexed me though was previously, if I shoot something and the arrow breaks, it would still kill the animal.  First time I've seen it happen where the animal survives, but I still get the skill reward for a hit.

Aha...sorry, missed the part about the runaway rabbit😅 

Yeah, that is weird. It's always an instant kill. Hmm, maybe it's a nuances of new arrows? Or maybe it's a bug? I cant check, when the fire hardened arrows were introduced I was already deep into my current run with a high archer skill. 

Very weird 🤔

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I've had this happen to me multiple times. I've shot multiple rabbits with fire-hardened arrows, only for one of the rabbits to just shrug off the hit, and run away like nothing happened.

I wonder since the arrows can't stun rabbits (or ptarmigans now), and they have such low damage to require at least 2 arrows to the noggin' to scare off a wolf, that with low archery skill they sometimes just can't kill the rabbit. Though this only seems to happen when the arrow breaks, so perhaps the arrow kills the rabbit simply by hitting and sticking into them, but if the arrow breaks on hit, the low damage, and the fact that the arrow doesn't actually stick into the rabbit, isn't enough to kill them.

Though I kind of like this feature. We're trying to kill stuff with the equivalent of a pointy stick that's been made extra crispy over a fire. Maybe this is a intentional design to represent how crap these arrows are.

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