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First off no I'm not jumping on steam. We lost partner bad memories nope not going to say it again. I'm on Epic. Now then. 

I'm stuck on disclaimer screen. I'm not going to describe what this is all about as from my googling it seems the community is very aware of this and it has been ongoing for a LONG time with no real fix. I've tried every fix suggested that I can find online going back 2+ years. The only thing that seems to have provided some people with any luck is the 'skip intro' mod on Nexus but it seems it's been out of date for a while now and doesn't work with the current game. 

Anyone know of any secret arcane knowledge to actually get into the game?

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5 hours ago, conanjaguar said:

Now, I’m on Steam, but it’s worth a shot…

Maybe try starting the game online?

I had completely forgotten Epic could even do offline mode..... It's not like on steam it's buried actually in the settings and there's absolute zero noticeable difference or interface functionality differences when it's ticked or unticked. 'Offline Browsing Enabled' is currently ticked (and now been unticked).... This has given me hope! Although..... I know this has been off in the past as I found it a long long time ago and as far as I remember I have never reinstalled or removed Epic to cause it to change. I've got excited now but can't get into game since the last attempt to remove 'melonloader' for that blasted skip intro mod fix, I thought I had removed it with a system restore but can't launch the game now as it says I need to get bits of it back.... I don't want any of it back! Lol sigh. Going to be wondering about this offline thing all day at work now... I hope you're right. 

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8 hours ago, LoneWorf said:

I've got excited now but can't get into game since the last attempt to remove 'melonloader' for that blasted skip intro mod fix

ML doesn't change any gamefiles and can be uninstalled either by simply using the installer again, or manually by removing the "version.dll" file inside the gamefolder.

As for Nexus ... sigh. People are just to used to get their mods from there. You won't find *anything* usable there for TLD. Not now, not in the future.
The TLD modding community does not condone that a 3rd party makes a profit on the mods, while the mods are created for free. Not to mention how people talk to each other there. Ugh ...

There are links to the *actual* mod list and the mod discord down in the modding section here (or if you shoot me a PM). All(!) mods there are vetted by the community and modders, to keep nefarious stuff out and give direct support.


Your Epic problem:

Thats basically the same behaviour you'd encounter on Steam, if the Steam services aren't running in the background. So very likely a DRM issue with the integrated EOS services in the game. It isn't a general problem though. Just earlier today I've encountered an Epic player who is getting happily eaten by wolves right now.

That probably won't help you very much ... just my 2 little-moneys.

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