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So, I just watched the Joystiq's 1h

and I have also seen all the videos on the HINTERLAND STUDIO YouTube channel. This is what I think.

Looks like another survival game without an objective (well... "survive"), kinda like The Forest, where you do all you can do, and that's it.

An opposite example is Minecraft and you could say that it has no objectives, but you create them, because the game provide the tools to do so. In The Long Dark looks like: scavenge shelters, gather wood, hunt, cook... and that's it. This is like a 1-5h game if you don't want to do the few things I've said before over and over again, in which case it's boring.

The game looks really nice and interesting don't get me wrong, but this is so much alike The Forest type of game, where you get bored so quickly that's not even worth the money you spent for it.

If this reach the devs, don't early access this. It needs a bunch more features to keep us playing for the long term. Belive me, from the gamer POV, we'll play this for a few hours, do pretty much the full content of the game and get burnt out. Maybe we'll be back a couple of months/patches later, and usually we don't see that much new content to start playing again.

I'm saying all of this to experience a real survival game, and not another fail rushed early access. Please consider my point.

Thank you, Lordmann.

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Well, this is only the Sandbox mode. In the Sandbox mode, your only goal is to survive. That's it.

The full game will also contain a Story mode, that will be story driven (duh ;)) that will be much more interesting to play. However the story mode will not be released before the game is finished because of spoilers.

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The early access is going to happen, but just the sandbox. The story mode should be a surprise. I love the way they are putting it out. You get the mechanics of the world, and get a feel for how to survive now, and that will help once the story mode rolls out.

Keep in mind too, that this is only one "season" of the story. Upon the games success (inevitable IMHO) there will be more "seasons".

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