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Can we throw the flare further please?

The mechanic could be (in order of preference):

  • throw it at the cursor up to a distance
  • hold the right mouse button longer to throw harder
  • up the throw power, but keep it a constant

I think could add an interesting aspect to flare/wolf interaction. If you just flop the flare down, the wolf is less likely to run off compared to if you threw it directly at it (even if it doesn't hit) with velocity.

And this could potentially also allow the use of a burnt out flare as a weapon. But you would have to actually hit the target.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

We discussed throw strength when the throw system was first implemented, and decided to go with a fixed "strength" as a first pass for simplicity reasons.

Throwing at where the cursor sits on the world is an interesting idea... in theory we could compute the necessary force/angle to launch the flare so it lands at the correct spot (up to a maximum throw distance, like you said).

Definitely something for us to consider, as throwing flares can be pretty vital to survival sometimes.

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