Struggle menu not show when wolf attack


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Am playing on xbox one s, and am running the story mode/Wintermute. Currently on episode 3 and play as Astrid. I've just learned by reading other posts that when a wolf attack, the game is supposed to slow down and a menu with weapons should show up, where I should be able to pick a weapon and fight with during the struggle. This menu has never appeared for me. Is there something I need to do or should the menu show automatically?

The wolf attack is always quite fast, they attack and run away. I've tried all buttons to start a struggle but am not able to. Any ideas why is very welcome.

Thanks =)

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Forgive me if I am incorrect I haven't played it for a while., but I don't think that happens on story mode. The best way to get rid of the wolves is to use the flares you find in the car  You have to throw out flare as close to wolf as possible to reduce the morale of the pack. There should be a white lbar  across the bottom of the screen which will reduce when you  lower it. When that disappears the wolves will vanish.  Yes they will run and nip at you which is a bit annoying!

Hope that helps!?

Glad you don't have the digital version either!!


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These are timberwolf. They act diferently from common wolfes. They stalk the character and bites. As written above, you have to deplete their moral by shooting or throwing rocks. Marine flares are usefull too.


I have seen a video from BI where one of these attacked the common way. I think packs have an alpha wolf who does it.

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