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  1. I did manage episode 3 after all. But I find it strange I've never been in a wolf struggle during the entire game. Maybe struggle is not part of story mode. Thanks for input ☺️
  2. The game is from disc and not a so called digital copy, though the game has been updated by the xbox and internet.
  3. Am playing on xbox one s, and am running the story mode/Wintermute. Currently on episode 3 and play as Astrid. I've just learned by reading other posts that when a wolf attack, the game is supposed to slow down and a menu with weapons should show up, where I should be able to pick a weapon and fight with during the struggle. This menu has never appeared for me. Is there something I need to do or should the menu show automatically? The wolf attack is always quite fast, they attack and run away. I've tried all buttons to start a struggle but am not able to. Any ideas why is very welcome.