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Okay, Okay, Hear me out first 

Wintermute gave me such a good idea and I'm sure this may have been raised before - I'm new to The Long Dark so posting it just in case.

When playing sandbox, I lose interest or get bored easily, not because the game is bad - its the opposite. But, it would be so good to see other people in the maps with us.

It would give people the option to do solo or join someone / people.

My Idea was to have a map that was for online co op gameplay. Users can start alliances like Father Thomas were the survivors (us) could join and help contribute to the building - Food, Supplies, Meat etc. It would give users the ability to travel out with other members to hunt, craft, explore or loot. Over time however, the loot starts slowly vanishing due to the high number of people all looking to survive so hunting will eventually be necessity. If a player becomes unwell, users have the option to nurse them better. Whilst in this state, their gameplay is limited - Lets say 2 days of sleep, rest and back on the up. If a player dies, They sadly return back to square one and start again. 

With this said, I know Unity is limited on AI, but adding digging, building and other type options to the game. I know we have snow dens, but would be good to see those advanced in the near future. 

and, on that note, I know many will say "But people will turn co op into PVP and take away the meaning of the game", and, I agree! I raised this to Raph and if (a massive if) co op was to be a thing, PVP would however, not be. 

It would be good to see more asset interactions with foods and drink too! 
Smoking - You can loot for ciggies. A player could develop a long term illness due to no hospitals. So, if it's not the cold or animals that kill you, it'll be the choices you make in game.
Alcohol - A player can loot for whiskey or other types of alcohol that would give a player a temp warm increase however, drink too much, it can hinder their eyesight and cause headaches
Running - I noticed running makes a person colder and in reality, it makes a person warmer. I hope they work on this and give the user a short heat increase when running.
Plants - The ability to start planting food like tomatoes, Herbs etc even if the world is dead, the nature will still blossom from seeds.
Lockable Houses - If co op was to be a thing, lockable houses for users to keep their loot safe. This does not mean other players can't find a way in though ;) would make surviving much harder and challenging.

All I can think of for now! 


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@TheJodieeXO I know you’re new, it is obvious. I read your post, I can see your rep points and could instantly tell by your ideas and query.

That is why I suggested you read thru the forums. They are immensely helpful for newcomers. Most new ppls suggestions and questions have already been posted and answered  many times over. 

good luck. 

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On 8/12/2021 at 11:58 PM, TheJodieeXO said:

... adding digging, building and other type options to the game...

That would be great. Just imagine you could build cabinets, or even some kind of shelter (tent) - or dismantle existing, and then "quarter" them, to be able to move them somewhere else.

Fishnets would be also great... no need to wait several hours idle.

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