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  1. Re read the first line of my post 🤦‍♀️ literally said I'm new here
  2. In the wild, you do not have a GPS to guide you. That's the point of the game, to be able to navigate freely using a map as you would in the wild in real life. It would be good to see compasses added
  3. Sounds like you belong over on DayZ. The game is not about killing civilians but uniting and surviving
  4. Oh, and working on the spraining. That annoyed me so much that you can't even walk up a slope without spraining your ankle... Can't say that's ever happened to me from walking up a snowy hill? 😅
  5. I cannot wait for Ep 4. I completed it today and I'm so anxious to know if they cross paths. I know that's a long way off yet, but can't wait to see what the jail holds for us to do. And I agree with OP, I think this is a Astrid episode as the mission during Pleasant Valley was about Blackrock Jail. Who knows? maybe they plan to release a longer chapter where we play as Astrid and Mac. It's going to be so interesting!
  6. Okay, Okay, Hear me out first Wintermute gave me such a good idea and I'm sure this may have been raised before - I'm new to The Long Dark so posting it just in case. When playing sandbox, I lose interest or get bored easily, not because the game is bad - its the opposite. But, it would be so good to see other people in the maps with us. It would give people the option to do solo or join someone / people. My Idea was to have a map that was for online co op gameplay. Users can start alliances like Father Thomas were the survivors (us) could join and help contribute to the build