How fast can Will Mackenzie run?


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Say what you will about him (lol groaner!) but, when it comes to Will Mackenzie, there's one thing you cannot deny. Despite all his constant complaining, Will is fast. Like, really fast when he needs to be.

On level ground, I measured his walking speed at 13.30 km/h, or 3.70 m/s. That's a comfortable slow cycling speed... or a rather fast run for me. (I can probably sprint up to ~20km/h for a short time IRL, but that's never been verified). But, when sprinting, Will really opens out. He can run 100 meters in 10 seconds, making him faster with up to 45 kg in his inventory (when well fed and using moosehide satchel and technical backpack), than the world's fastest woman (10.49s for 100m). Even compared to the boys, he's up there; Usain Bolt is only 0.42 s faster on the 100 m dash than Will Mackenzie, and I'll bet Bolt can't go that fast carrying a backpack. Not bad for a bush pilot, I'll say.

I have one piece of bad news for Will, though. Even though he's basically an Olympic-level sprinter, he couldn't outrun a real wolf. They can reach 60 km/h for a short time (the game wolves aren't faster than 36 km/h), and maintain 40 km/h for up to 20 minutes. Even with the lightest gear on, Will couldn't run at top speed for more than ~20 seconds. A stim might extend that to 80 seconds, but that won't cut it.

I'm not sure how fast Astrid is, but I'm sure she's just as fast.

Or... if you prefer, you can consider that game time is 12 times faster than real-life time, and that would mean Will is 12 times slower than I assumed. That puts his average walking speed as 1.11 km per in-game hour, or 3 km/h if sprinting. Take this as you will.

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Its the sugar from all the soda he drinks.  Clearly he is a lover of junk food and soda goes to the top of his list. That's my explanation.


I think 3 seconds of real time equals one minute of game time, something I calculated from the amount of time it takes to cook something or boil water and melt snow.



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I would go with time compression. Imagine all the gear. I think most of us would give up hauling with 40 or more kg of gear. 1km/h of steady pace with all this on back is pretty good IMHO. I think it is good compromise between game and reality. IRL you would be making stops when moving with such burden. Between stops you would be moving at normal pace (maybe little bit quicker in order to have this effort behind you faster).

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