Held up in tower (resolved)


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I am currently under siege by wolves.

I am in the bleak inlet lookout tower on my way to CH and a pack of wolves has me surrounded. They will not stop attacking (their power bar remains) even after I have slept through the night. I have no weapons (hence going back to CH) and only one flare. 

Edit: I built a fire and used a torch from it to make it half way to the log crossing. Then I lit my only flare and made it most of the rest of the way. Eventually made it to safety and made the hard journey to CH.

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6 hours ago, Sherlock Holmes 18 said:

Why did you go there unarmed? It's full of threats. You got away with it.

I had just started playing an old 70 day save. I found myself in Bleak Inlet with no hunting weapons and a very small amount of gear considering that I had played for 70 days. 
knowing that me previous base was in CH it seemed like the most likely way to survive long term would be trying to find my missing gear there. 

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Есть интересный способ, как заставить волков с вероятностью 90% в панике бежать от вас. 
Вам  для этого понадобиться: 
1. запас факелов (надо привыкать всегда ходить с зажжёным факелом, это дает температуру и возможность спастись)
2. камень, которым убивают кроликов.

Итак, если вы выполнили оба условия,  у вас есть много факелов и хотя-бы один камень, то волки вам не страшны. 
Идём по локации, если понимаем, что на вас решил напасть волк, кидаем себе под ноги факел, достаем камень, замахиваемся и держим до тех пор, пока он не убежит. КАМЕНЬ БРОСАТЬ НЕ НАДО, ТОЛЬКО ЗАМАХНУТЬСЯ И ДЕРЖАТЬ ДО РЕЗУЛЬТАТА.


There is an interesting way to make wolves run away from you with a 90% chance of panic.
To do this, you will need:
1. a supply of torches (you have to get used to always walking with a lit torch, this gives you a temperature and an opportunity to escape)
2. the stone used to kill rabbits.

So, if you have fulfilled both conditions, you have a lot of torches and at least one stone, then you are not afraid of wolves.
We go through the location, if we understand that a wolf has decided to attack you, we throw a torch under our feet, take out a stone, swing and hold it until he runs away. THERE IS NO NEED TO THROW A STONE, JUST SWING AND HOLD UNTIL THE RESULT

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