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  1. If you’re into watching streams, this is a good one by Atheenon. His map knowledge is impressive and gets his run off to an awesome start. He makes HRV look easy.
  2. I noticed that too. I figured it’s just filthy as the building has been falling into disrepair for so long.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. F by default IIRC.
  4. Maybe the option to leave a message as well? “Hello, if anyone is out there I have been camping out at…and I found out something that may help the next survivor…”, or “I’ve just reached 500 days alone here, and I don’t know if anyone will get this, but I just need to share part of my story…” Would be neat to build up a library of messages similar to the notes and buffer memories.
  5. Quote: “In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences”Author: Robert Green Ingersoll Submitted By: The Ravages of TimeRelevant Link:
  6. Glad to hear you made it out safely @Sus-wolf!
  7. Intestinal parasites behaves a little different than other afflictions. Each piece of carnivore meat consumed increases the percentage of risk and after 24 hours a roll determines if you became infected or not. After the roll, the risk affliction ends and you are no longer at risk. If, for example, you ate one piece (of any size) of carnivore meat every 24 hours, you would have a risk of 1% each time the roll was completed. If you do get infected, it’s likely not a death sentence depending on your condition when you got sick, but you will lose condition daily until it is cured. It’s treat
  8. It would eat up time too, maybe improving as your level in fire starting increases. I like the idea of gradually becoming more primitive as supplies run out, and those primitive methods use up your days more than the early game. For that matter, it be amazing if you could add tinder to embers in a fireplace to keep the embers going as well, something to use all those tinder plugs after they are not needed to start fires.
  9. I’m in the same boat. Camping out in Signal Hill waiting for my last one. Definite slog, it’s taking months.
  10. When the sun is shining outside and you think “Awesome! I can have a fire today!”
  11. This and other customizations to our safe houses would be a welcome addition for me. It adds a bit of enjoyment and gameplay, especially in the later game when we are set up and bored. It appears that customization to bases is still on Hinterland’s roadmap.
  12. Yeah, I found the same on Voyager. There was enough high level man made clothes, and it didn’t get cold enough to justify the weight and effort. I’m on stalker now, and I’m debating trading out my wolf coat for a bear one. Yeah I thought about that too. Are you losing out on the warmth because it is constantly in need of repair, and the effort that goes into getting the materials?
  13. I haven’t made a bearskin coat yet and I have read some differing opinions on whether it is worth it/practical, so I thought I’d reach out to this great community and get the consensus. Bearskin coat. Yay or nay?