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  1. Just a heads up, I don’t think the milling station can repair ruined tools, just ruined firearms. I only tried with a hatchet, but for me it didn’t work. Maybe someone else can confirm, but I wanted to save you the possible frustration of shooting your way into the cannery only to find out your ruined hatchets are unrepairable.
  2. I’ve read that this is a glitch. A more experienced player may be able to confirm. In my experience, I have had either scenario play out after shooting a bear. For me, it seems like passing time indoors may reset it, as opposed to entering a building and then exiting, but I haven’t fully tested it.
  3. I love the little hill overlooking the cannery close to the trailers. Once I discovered that it changed my strategy totally.
  4. This might help clarify (unless something has changed since this was posted by Raph): Wildlife have a variety of "hit locations" on their bodies (most have 6) and each location has different stats for hits there affect the animal, mostly around Bleedout rates, damage, and critical chances. There are also modifiers for the type of weapon used, in terms of how it affects those values. (Milton Mailbox 3) When the question was raised in Milton Mailbox 7 if animals have condition, Raph simply answered “Yes”.
  5. Thanks for testing it @AdamvR. I was hoping they would be repairable. Maybe Hinterland has something in the works.
  6. I like the idea of the fuel simply lasting longer. I would be more tempted to store fuel and use the lantern if it was a more efficient light source. Right now I personally make very little use of the lantern because the fuel burns up so quickly. Although game balance/gameplay is not always about realism, it seems like a full lantern lasting for 6-8 hours would be more realistic too. Of course it would allow nighttime repairing/mending/crafting/reading, so that would have to weighed, but I suppose that could also allow for some interesting choices? Do I chug this coffee and burn up som
  7. Here is a response to a question on the subject by Raph (originally posted in one of the Milton Mailbox dispatches): “For a co-op game to be good, the cooperation needs to be built in to the core gameplay experience from Day 1. It's not something that can be added after the fact, and if it is, I suspect the cooperation will be relatively meaningless. So, a co-op experience of The Long Dark would have to be a completely new game.”
  8. I don’t plan to be in BI anytime soon on my current run, but when I go there I’ll experiment and then post the results
  9. Don’t eat raw meat, even with Cooking 5. You will still get food poisoning. Might seem obvious, but the description for Cooking 5 says you no longer get food poisoning, and even though you don’t with ruined food, you still do with raw meat. Don’t sleep with frozen clothes. You may get frostbite which is a permanent affliction. Good to get into the habit of checking your clothes if you have been out while it was snowing.
  10. Chasm Cave in Echo Ravine (close to the lower plane engine section)
  11. I’ve been working on this on my current save, helps the days to pass more quickly.
  12. I was thinking the same, since on my Voyager run I had the same experience. Almost every night was an aurora in Bleak Inlet. On my current Stalker run I am trying to get buffer memories and it’s taking forever to get auroras in TWM and PV
  13. Sorry to duplicate the post, but it seemed appropriate to the discussion here as well. What is being shown here in the concept art? Something that connects to the pulleys? Is it something that was abandoned by Hinterland, or something we will get in a future update after they get more player data from using the region? It just seems like Hinterland is already considering something similar to zip lines.