vanishing pot :)


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I had a very similar experience in Trapper's Cabin yesterday.  New run, found a pot on the floor next to the stove.  I moved it up onto one of the cooking circles just to leave it there - there was no fire and I wasn't planning on cooking anything at the moment.  I left the cabin, came back a little later to get the pot and it was gone.  Not in my inventory, not in the locker or anywhere else I could find, just gone.

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Sux baad man.

My experience, Interloper - 2 pots were found at Trapper's alone.

Exiting made one disappear, while cookong water as well.

I feel it's a strange bug involving the loot table.

I,ve transitioned to places - FM to ML for example and 2 cedar logs that I've never seen before were there and instantly vanished like the loot table remembered it was Interloper or something.

more examples I know of I cant quite remember but other things disappearing have happened.

pure hypothesis of course, strange and buggy for sure though.

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