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  1. Sux baad man. My experience, Interloper - 2 pots were found at Trapper's alone. Exiting made one disappear, while cookong water as well. I feel it's a strange bug involving the loot table. I,ve transitioned to places - FM to ML for example and 2 cedar logs that I've never seen before were there and instantly vanished like the loot table remembered it was Interloper or something. more examples I know of I cant quite remember but other things disappearing have happened. pure hypothesis of course, strange and buggy for sure though.
  2. Immersion-breaking, but... Dropping a stick from inventory. Points generally north/south -every time- NOT exact but this has saved my character many times... These tips from everyone are all so great! The Fishing tackle one is pure fing gold.
  3. Hey there. Anybody by chance know a full list of containers/”searchable’s” that contain food items? I assume everything sans med kit /dressers/ workbench / toolbox / trash has a chance for syrup.. Anyone notice a trend of where they find it?