Geared Deadman (with some tea)


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Been playing vanilla loper for a little while now. Got a decent run going to about 40 days and it's still saved but while i was playing i had an idea for a slightly different challenge.

Calling it Geared Deadman. Quite simply, i am tired of forging. This one is more of a race to get the best gear before it decomposes and the weather turns aweful, as opposed to a race to get 12 scrap metals, coal and a forge.


This is the code - 8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA

Just a few adjustments:

1. rifle and handgun added. duh

2. baseline resource set to medium

3. starting gear set to medium (don't want to spend my first week hunting for the bedroll)

4. birch tea crafting

5. bears and moose set to high


so the high end gear should be available but rare and in poor condition.

I tried a couple attempts and was 0-2 in the first couple days due to wolf attacks, so that part is way brutal. But it was absolute heaven finding a hatchet next to a corpse.

I am also not going to make a mad dash for the TWM summit. Not saying i won't get there eventually but that seems to defeat the purpose.

So no healing at all except for birch tea. I know from experience that the real killer is the fatigue on these settings. that and wolves.

anyway, if you are reading this, thanks!

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well, that's been brutal. I am sure it'll get easier after i can live a little bit and collect some gear.

that being said, it took me 7 tries to live long enough to get the well fed bonus.

also, had a Muskeg start, picked up the hammer and decided what the hey, let's forge some arrowheads dammit.



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Day 7 - here's my gear. Not great but not terrible. Way heavy though.

spent some time in the sun at Mystery Lake, then up  to the damn. Not great loot anywhere so i took it over to PV. got the combats and the military coat at the radio control hut. Spending the night at the farmhouse now.



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oh and still smarting from my only wolf attack too. Couldn't get the rifle up fast enough and ended up fending him off with the heavy hammer. didn't even cause a ton of damage either, maybe 30% health.

i used one birch tea to recover but had to wait on a second dose because i was down to 5 matches before i found the pack in the basement of the PV farmhouse.

gonna climb up to the plain crash now.



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Sheesh. i thought this would be easier. i made it 12 days this time. apparently, revolvering a wolf only scares the other wolves away for like 10 seconds.

caught me just above the TWM lake by the hut.


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ok, if at first you don't succeed, try nine more times.

made it well enough on this last run to get the well fed. I've only got wolfed twice so far and damage has been fairly minimal. I'm about 90% health now.

clothing is decent although my search for a second pair of undies continues!

I am at day 9. cleaned up Pleasant Valley and then made my way through the cave to Coastal Highway. Grabbed a rifle and revolver too, somewhat limited ammo.

Skills are all pretty low but i am trying to find time and stamina to read every book i can. I took the book perk bc why not.

coastal is looking decent now but i can't stay long bc i need more gear and if i wait too long the condition will make them inoperable.

I had thought about going up TWM to hopefully bag a moose that's usually near the hut. The problem with this gear, rifle, pistol, etc. is that it is damn heavy and a moose hide satchel would cure my ills.

i will do that eventually but not yet.


still, there are some other little bonuses to pass the time...


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Day 17 - well this was stupid.

been living well after getting back from DP. Even killed another  bear and got his skin. My plan has been to make a bear skin coat. It's heavy as heck but the protection is plus plus.

so i am chilling at the log sort but got stuck in a blizzard so i go to sleep. fully rested in the middle of the night but it's clear now so i go to head back to the fishing village. But it's too dark. I got wolfed within 100 yards and now my condition sucks. stupid stupid stupid.




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ok, made it out alive. got to the camp and slept like a baby after a stim.

that stim + 3 birch teas got my health back up to 50%. Not great as another wolf attack could end me. but still, better than last night.


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sheesh. got wolfed again heading from the ravine (safe place) to the dam. I got to the dam fine, scared one wolf away and then got hit exiting the pick up truck.

sorry to be a broken record about this but the wolves on this setting are insane.

anyway, he only hit me for about a 10% condition loss. Funny enough, i was already birch tea recovering when he hit me but still lame. gotta be more cautious. Fire a warning shot and run.


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ok, so i've exhausted all the moose drop spots on the maps i've been too and gotten nada. plenty of bears though.

a plan has started to form.

trappers -> milton -> HRV

 i mean, the loot setting is at non zero so i think maybe maybe the moose hide satchel should be there.

bc i neeeeeeeeeed it.


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Day 30 - made it to HRV through Milton without incident. Didn't pick up anything decent though other than food stuffs.

a little foggy here but visible enough to see that the signal fire is the harder one on this run.



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made it out of HRV and of course now i see my first moose. I don't have need of him at this moment though.

later game sure of course, i could shoot him and then chill hear for a while on his 35KG moose flesh but right now i want to clear our this map, make it back to the dam and make up my bear skin coat. I have the regular knife so i think it'll take at least 50 hours there.



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