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So, do stones actually respawn? I’ve read places that they do, but I’m not seeing them respawn. I’m on TWM and have been for 60 days. I haven’t seen the stones I took from around the lake  for my cache at the very beginning come back yet. 

maybe it takes longer than a cpl months??

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I have seen stones respawn in Ash Canyon.  By the Angler's Den cabin, near the partially destroyed ice fishing hut, near Miner's Folly, among other places.  Naturally I am talking about general locations like on nearby hills, icy shores, etc.   It does take a while like probably at least a week but I have seen them reappear (I play in Pilgrim, btw).  They seem to take longer than sticks.  I haven't been outside Ash Canyon so do not know if that was an Ash Canyon specific event or more applicable generally. 

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