Weapons and Transportation

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I’m just going to throw my ideas out there for weapons, transportation, and new NPCs. decent amount of weapons, only 2 transportation though. Although I do have some ideas for NPCs.

1, forged pike, a non legendary version of the spear for larger enemies like bears and plural for moose. 
2, shotgun, either double barrel or Remington pump action. Maybe a SPAS-12 since there is plenty of preppers, and that’s a good weapon to have during an apocalypse.

3, scoped rifles, a better way to aim your rifle.


1, hostile survivors, carries decent clothes, knives, axes, and if your reeeeeally unlucky, guns.

2, badgers, Idek why, it just came to mind

3, traders, very rare to find, but very useful. They trade pelts and food for ammo, clothes, and med supplies


1, sled, for moving down slopes fast

2, skis, for moving around ice and snow fast. Best keep your snow gear ready!

Post your thoughts, y’all!

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