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On 5/23/2021 at 12:03 PM, ajb1978 said:

Wouldn't fit the environment, those are migratory birds and this is winter. All the waterfowl are half a content away.

This is not a huge issue, and could easily be explained away. First of all, at very least, the geese will try to return in the Summer, but find, as we all did, that the snow simply doesn't go away. Disoriented geese make for some great hunting! It would also be cool to expect a big temporary return of geese around 300 days in; I'm at that point now in a Stalker game, and it would be cool for some big event to occur like that!

Secondly, the geomagnetic disaster has seriously altered wildlife behavior. Maybe it caused geese to fail to migrate, or to return early? 

The Snow Goose winters as far north as British Columbia, which is roughly where Great Bear is. It is not a huge stretch to say there are still some there.


All this aside, I agree with the OP @Leeanda that it would be fun to hunt birds! Geese aren't even the end all be all in this case.  We already have crows- it's a shame you can't interact with them at all right now. Could be a great way to get more feathers all at once. 

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