Little something extra when acquiring the technical pack


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One of the highlights of going to Ash Canyon is the Technical Pack, a permanent +5kg/+11lbs to your caring compacity. But what happens to your old backpack? This is what I propose happens to it. When you pick up the technical pack, your old backpack is dropped on the ground by your feet. It is not know what your backpack looks like, but presumably it is the same green backpack found all over the world. However, it would look more weathered and worn than the normal green backpack, to distinguish it. It's name will be unique too: "Old Backpack". Attached to it will be a note that pops up when you click on it (similar to a cairn), that reads,

This was your old backpack, it served you well for xx Days xx Hours xx Minutes. (this time being the time since the start of the game until now)

It will forever be a milestone to signify your progress.

The backpack is non-openable and cannot be interacted with otherwise. It will spawn either at your feet when you pick up the technical pack, or where the technical pack used to be.




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