Fan-made region map: Offshore Islands

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As some of you might remember, I made a thread back in April describing a new region, called Little Bear Island. Since then, I've been putting some of my cartography skills to use, and have come up with a new region map, featuring a lot of offshore islands and boat routes connecting them as opposed to accessing them by walking over the ice.

The symbols on this map are generally similar to those of Whiteberry-Toarda's with a few exceptions:

D- Deer carcass possible

B- bear cave

* - Boat spawns on this side by default

What about those boats? Well, I thought that they could be scripted boat rides, similar to climbing up roots. These rides would only be accessible in fair weather, and the boat would be on either one side or the other, depending on where it was last left.

What do you think of this map?


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I don't make mods for this game, haha. I just put this out there as an idea for a new map theme.

Boat rides could take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on length, how windy it is, and whether you're going into the wind or not. If it's extremely windy, you'll end up getting blown right back to where you started.

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