Can you beat this? (challenge)


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The rules are simple:
1)Stalker mode

2)Get all tools and weapons including bow, rifle, revolver, and flare pistol.  Get as much ammo as you can. 

3)Start in Ash Canyon

4)Get close to the best non-made clothing, at least 29-30 C.  Cowichan sweater excluded as that can take a while to find or may never be found.

5)Get the crampons, technical pack, AND the moosehide bag!  Your carrying weight should be 45kg.  

6)Do all that as fast as possible.   


So far my best is 6 days, 23 hours.  screen_14bebe1a-d0f2-494f-8c98-66d6c72d37e9.thumb.png.7ea252c671934e4b360a9b161edfb458.pngscreen_bca8ccf0-b050-4330-9818-8f53a93cc84e.thumb.png.7a484afb949c7fdce94290de5dd51f15.png





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