'Other survivors' scripted random events in custom mode


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Long time lurker first time poster.

It gets a bit lonely and boring after a while if your always the lone survivor..  Some options to add random 'other survivor' events to the game.

Break in.

Id like to see more encouragement to use some of the less popular shelters.  Places like Park Office at ML etc are such good base locations that its hard to avoid the temptation to spend time there regularly each play through.

I thought that shelter locations along roads or that are close by and easily visible from roads could have a risk of a break in.  Another scavenging survivor finds your base when you’re not around and steals a certain percentage of stuff.  You might be able to construct a barricade etc to lessen this risk that would naturally degrade and any break in attempts would damage it severely with a chance of failure.

It would only happen when you away from that location for a certain number of hours..days?   And it wouldnt happen often.. maybe a 10% chance of a break in occuring each play through etc

When it occurs, there could be a cut scene/static pic where you see someone break open a door or rummage through a cupboard.

If you made your home in a cave or a structure deep in the wilderness the chance of a 'break in' would be minimal or non-existent.

 Father and Son.

One morning you might randomly find a father and son at your door step. (chance of it happening is increased if your shelter is by a road)
They are trying to find a way off the island.  They are starving and in return for food they could tell you the location of a cache of supplies that they left behind. (as presumably they couldn’t carry everything when they left their last shelter)

Lost Dog

A dog randomly appears at your base.  You can either scare him away, shoot him for meat :( or befriend him by giving him some food scraps.  He then hangs around. (as long as you regularly feed him).  You might be able to give him simple commands like stay or follow.  If you ask him to stay at your base it lessens the chance of a break in.  If you ask him to follow you on journeys there is a chance he draws a wolf attack off you.  Although there is a chance the wolf chases him and catches him.. severely injuring or even killing the dog.

Other ideas?





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On 2/6/2021 at 11:47 AM, Old Hermit said:

If that break-in situation happened to me, u can sure that i would spend the rest of my years of the gameplay trying to track down him (or them) hahaha

I mean, the island is not so big to someone hide forever

😂I can imagine @Old Hermitusing a phone like Molly from wintermute ep3 to deliver a message:


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