Revolver Spawn in Ash Canyon


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I was walking around ash canyon on pilgrim to do some exploration, and I found a revolver spawn that was not mentioned on the wiki. I took a debug screenshot for the exact location, and another with more context. It is located near the gold mine entrance, if you follow the river to the waterfall, you will find a corpse with the revolver in his hand. Good luck with your journey in Ash Canyon!

screen_(-422, 295, 744)_91a6ff85-a7c2-4a1e-8fff-3e10fad5b71b.png


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It was a random drop.  The revolver could appear most anywhere.  In my current Pilgrim run in Ash Canyon, I found a revolver in the Homesteader's Respite cabin on a table and a few rounds of ammunition.  I also found two rifles of varying condition - one in Angler's Den on the rifle rack and one up in the Gold mine on the ground (it would be easy to miss it). No cleaning kits yet. 

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