Be able to change the background of the main menu for ep1, 2, 3 or 4


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What I think would be cool is for it to be random. So that each time that one boots the game, it has a different background (with corresponding theme song because they are all lovely).

Or, they could change based on the last Wintermute episode that one has played. Episode 1: The first background featuring the Trapper's Homestead, etc.

I would find it a treat to open the game to a different peace of the game. But I do agree, I do think that they should all be used in some way. Especially with the theme songs.

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Yes, exactly, it would be lovely to be able to choose the background.
I would like that in the game options you can configure between choosing a background from the previous chapter or a random one.

We are not suggesting a crazy thing.

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