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3 days into survival mode, my character wakes up in the middle of night in Grey Mother's house. I see this on the screen:


The lamps are flickering, and glowing the same color as the windows. Wondering if it's a bug, I go down the stairs and see this:


Uh-huh. Those lamps aren't supposed to light up at all. What's going on?

Then I walk out the front door and see this:


Beautiful job on that effect, Hinterland. I've never seen a real aurora, but this made me happy.

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On 1/12/2021 at 8:02 AM, GimletInternet said:

Wolves and other wildlife hunt you down, the world degrades over time, and overall the game is much more punishing and brutal. Take care.

The world degrades? That should be interesting. I imagined it was static. I haven't played long enough to see any kind of degradation. I suppose that means it becomes harder to find supplies and such.

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