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  1. The world degrades? That should be interesting. I imagined it was static. I haven't played long enough to see any kind of degradation. I suppose that means it becomes harder to find supplies and such.
  2. 3 days into survival mode, my character wakes up in the middle of night in Grey Mother's house. I see this on the screen: The lamps are flickering, and glowing the same color as the windows. Wondering if it's a bug, I go down the stairs and see this: Uh-huh. Those lamps aren't supposed to light up at all. What's going on? Then I walk out the front door and see this: Beautiful job on that effect, Hinterland. I've never seen a real aurora, but this made me happy.
  3. OP mentions fires. One thing I did not see mentioned in this thread that a newb like me might appreciate: in survival mode, take a charcoal from a fireplace. You can use it anywhere to fill in a little area of your otherwise blank map. Only good for one use, but there are lots of fireplaces and lots of pieces of charcoal. Not enough to fill in a whole map, I'm sure, but better than nothing in a pinch. Just one more thing fires do for you.
  4. I've had a few issues figuring things out myself, but lucky for me all you digital badasses have played the heck out of this thing already and written some amazing tutorials and advice. Thank you, BTW. I still haven't a clue how to actually hit a rabbit with a stone, but I would be disappointed if this game didn't offer some challenge. Though one thing I still have not figured out, and I don't know whether I ever will. That supposed supply cache behind the church in Milton, mentioned in one of the notes? I can't find it for the life of me. No doubt it's there, but I'm as stumped as the tr
  5. Skis and snowshoes have been mentioned already, and they are interesting ideas, but I'm thinking more generally. The game already features climbing and rappelling via ropes. I think it would be great to expand on the ice climbing and mountaineering aspects in the game. Obviously the danger factor for ice climbing, and mountaineering in general, would make for a lot of permadeaths. But I hope this sort of thing at least gets considered, because this is one game where "realistic" mountaineering would make sense.
  6. Greetings @Texas. I'm in Boise myself. Caught the year-end Steam sale on this game and I'm glad I did. Kinda anxious to see what they do with those promised chapters 4 and 5.