Pack behavior for wolves

Old Hermit

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A way to add some teamwork for our so hated fellas.

Could be too "simple" like an area around the wolf. when it barks at the player (detection), other wolves inside the area (that didnt detect u yet) are alerted and tries to flank the prey.

Not a too big area, to avoid unfair situations (or the area could even be proportional to the survival dificulty level). So, not every wolf in the pack neccessarily would be alerted. only those closer to the one detector.

Other ideas could be thought, of course. I just tried to think an easier (if it is possible) way to implement that.

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This is something I wanted to ask for but timber wolves were kind of doing this.  I’m in favor of all wolves behaving as a pack.  I’m not sure how to do it but I like it.  How did you envision being attacked by multiple wolves?  Timberwolves, while it sucks, it’s also forgiving, because it’s a game.  But I’m not in favor of the “it’s just a game” argument.

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49 minutes ago, Derek0311 said:

How did you envision being attacked by multiple wolves?

Rest In Peace 😃

Avoid them even more, or prepare for hard times.


I didn't notice any difference between the wolves. Didnt know about a timberwolf (i not even know what this means, i don't know a sh** about cold weather fauna). Anyways, i didn't explore all the regions yet. Is this timberwolf at TWM? All i can see there is the regular wolf (i guess).

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