How many days have you survived longest in Long dark?

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yes, like I wrote in the title. How many days did you survive the game and how did you do it? 

I personally remember 710 days, but then I deleted all the recording files, so now I can't find out. But, yes, I remember it was 710 days. And I did it by hunting. When I don't have a bullet, I put the deer on the wolves, and when the wolves did what I had to do, I would either shoot or scare the wolves. It was so easy. I'm on the 71st day. And before I shot an American deer, I went up the grizzly coast to the ash canyon and into the bleak inlet. I made 108 bullets in the bay, and now I'm going home to ash canyon. I started this long journey in ranger mode and in the deser no man'slight, and I'm having the best game I've ever played. 

And what did you guys do? 

By the way, I read that the game can be cheated on somewhere, but I thought if you did, the game wouldn't mean anything. Is there cheating in the game? 

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My longest is my current interloper run 600 days working on keeping the survivor for 50 days stays at all regions. Currently at Broken Railroad hunting lodge munching on moose meat. Planning on a 50 day stay at Mountain Town / Hushed River Valley next. 

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