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Hi Everybody!

This is my first post.

I just hit the day 100 on IL, with used only a dozen matches (and none of firestriker). Maybe this should be  a new custom challange mode?

I really enjoyed the slow movement and very cautious preparation to move to any new place. Because this was my first IL run over day 50, I needed to learn a lots about temperature management and the moving limits with hypothremia.

I started in PV, moved to TWM summit, went back to ML, FM forge, MT, and returned again to PV, TWM, AC. In AC I have high surprises when there was not any sunny time for about 10 days. Fortunately I killed and cooked that Bear before ( and fortuantely I already had Cooking lvl5) cloudy days. On the other hands I must had use up 2 emergency stims after wolf attacks, and I used 1 flare ammo for my first bear kill (in the first days WO bow).

Now I have all tools, crafted cloths, items for long term surviving (except bear bedroll, but I have more than 3 cured Bear hide).

Happy new year for every survivor!













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Two words - Deadman Challenge.  It's very much suited to your playstyle and I think you'll love it.  Resources are very scarce overall and the only way to regain health is by using stims (and there are very few of those within the challenge).  I love simulating a modified version of it in Custom Mode... I make it a little easier on myself than the challenge and it removes the pressure of running about visiting all the sites required by the challenge.  Taking away health regeneration at any difficulty level really changes how the game feels.

Great job and above all else... enjoy your run!.


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News report: 

Another play, started on PV, succesfully get Mag Lens at Farmstead.  TWM Summit, AC Gold mine, back to PV, ML, FM.

Now Day 20th at Office Camp with Improv hatchet, 3 Improv knife and  40 arrowhead, cured Hides, guts, Saplings. This is done WITHOUT ANY MATCH or Firestriker usage. 

For this I've must done several trips during Blizzards!


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