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Mike in GA

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Just a quick post to say that I've been back only recently and love the new changes I've come across. Previously I was playing on a potato PC, and now have a much better rig, the much better to see the details in the game and  get pics with.

Things I've noticed that have changed.

1. Thankful that the incline sprain mechanic has been tuned down, having 3 different sprains, limping and flashing screens were a bit much.

2. Deer are much smarter or have an increased survival instinct. Trying to run them into the wolves is much more of a challenge, but can still be done.

3. Spray paint cans. Crazy useful, especially for marking bear/moose territory.

4. Shell casings, and ammo crafting. Have yet to do it, but love the idea.

5. Have yet to run into a timber wolf pack and not really looking forward to this. Haven't read about it yet, want to experience it for myself.

6. Custom mode. Love to be able to tweak the games to my own wants/needs.

What hasn't changed for me is the great game experience. This is the game i measure all other games by, this is the gold standard and I'm thankful to be back.  Even though my PC can run much higher games, this is where I see myself spending the majority of my gaming time. Cheers to the development team and all you other survivors in the quiet apocalypse new and old.


These shots were my first views of very familiar sites, Camp Office and Trappers and one of the towers lit at night during Aurora.





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