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  1. After you've played a while, you can walk in just about any place in the dark and find where you are going, especially the bed. The overall lighting has been improved a ton. It used to be that the interiors were very dark unless it was midday. Now the darkness level adjusts really well and actually looks like sunlight coming through my windows at home. Not its really light and then pitch black. The nighttime window lighting also helps a lot. Use the windows as guides in whichever base you are using. It takes some practice, but it gets to be second nature actually. The torch idea always works also, but usually I'm cooking/boiling until that last minute and so run the fire out. I was just thinking the other day of being inside the Camp office in ML that I'm walking around in the dark more than in the light and can mostly get whatever I'm looking for. I always love getting over those hills towards trappers cabin and see those lights on, even though I know its dark inside. I always have a sigh of relief because if I've made it that far, then I'm home free!!!!! Honestly now I think it would be creepy to have the windows blacked out.
  2. LOL, I fish. It serves a couple of good functional purposes. In ML, even in a Blizzard I can walk the lake so well, I know I'll hit the first fishing hut. My clothes are such, that I don't need a fire for a couple hours, because I've always gotten the wind break inside, even without the door on the hut. Before I was computerless for so long, play time wise at least, I started up with some others in the forums about who could catch the biggest fish. I want to say it was like 18.5 kg or in that area. So I'm working to level up fishing to head on to DP to land that record fish. PLUS I get some good eats with bass from ML and lamp oil. When I hear the shutters rattling from sleeping, first thought is.. "FISHING TIME!" As you were talking about having a fire going while having tea, I found myself searching for blizzard/snow nature sounds to write work narratives to lately since I've started playing again. LOL! I lived for a long time in Chicago and would often go up to WI or MN in the winter, but living in Georgia, that's the closest I can get to actual live winter storm action!
  3. I've really started liking ML from the office and run a deer down the tracks into a wolf that's just about always patrolling the area. Since my bow skills are still lacking, I usually harvest the deer and then truck it back to the office and hunt up the wolf the next day. Thank you Canadian crows! Between the wolves on the lake and railway, you can get a wolf jacket in a short time, with the added free deer carcass. For bear, CH, far east edge is a bear patrol area you can snipe the bear and run your ass in the house over there. I've not had many wolf issues over that way before. On the ice between jack rabbit and misanthropes islands, that bear patrol sometimes has too many Fluffy offspring for my comfort. Plus its a LONG way up that hill running with a mad bear behind you. Moose, have yet to find one sadly.
  4. I really like the artificial clothing, but it seems if I get attacked, it suffers more % loss than skin clothing does. Currently have the wolf jacket, rabbit gloves, deer pants and boots. Two wool toques, cargo pants under the deer ones, 2 x thermals, 2 x hiking socks, and fisherman's sweater. My sprint has taken a huge hit at 68% now. I'm going much more for the tank-ish outrigging than the speedy one. It also bears out that from two wolf attacks, the clothing damage has been very negligible. Previously, I've lost jackets and pants from a single wolf attack, not an issue so far. Temp bonus is +34, wind is +14, but protection is 39%. IDK, but I'm liking it so far. I stay well fed, (which as aside I love THANK YOU HINTERLAND that +11 pounds extra is worth not starving for!!!) and leave with about 50 pounds total for the day. Bow, x 5 arrows, knife, hatchet, crowbar (to break ice with if I want to fish). Tbone, if you can avoid the wildlife struggles, then I think your setup totally works. I'm still trying to get much better with the bow, I was rifle reliant for a loooonnnnngggg time, so where I'm at I feel the extra protection helps, at least mentally.
  5. I learned quickly to NOT harvest sticks with the pistol in hand. LOL I did the same too many times to count. Now Its the old H button before hand.
  6. No matter how many play throughs I run, I almost always feel at some point like "I have arrived" only to get completely owned. Bears always seem to give the best ass chewing. But I haven't danced with a moose yet..... time will tell.
  7. Because after playing for several hundred hours, I was computerless for months. I came back to the Moose, a handgun, and a custom mode. Got myself up and running, sitting in Mystery Lake. Piles of fish sitting on the front porch of the Camp Office, rifle and bow, some decent gear. Decided to take a stroll before it got dark, and decided to start hunting wolves to make my new jacket. Cocky and over-confident, I found a wolf on the tracks, had a small fish for bait.....dropped the fish and drew my bow before the wolf started eating. That one wolf wrecked me. Well played Hinterland, well played. This is what I've missed. Becoming over confident and getting wrecked for it. Awesome game! Cheers!!!!
  8. That's the reason I went for a more modest 1 kg gain for a month, but @cekivinow that I'm carrying the bow instead of the rifle, i'm rarely encumbered, except at the end of the day. I was thinking of a positive reward to change behaviors, rather than the stick that was implied. Regardless, eating less has made the game more fun in terms of exploring, hunting, fishing. But I am going to start eating some morning and evening. Meat piles up after only eating one steak at a time. With cooking lvl 4 even a wolf steak is over 800 kcals. Also harvested my first bear, hello I think it was 30kg of meat Not to be redundant on topics, but what was the idea "of a more robust" cooking/food variety solution.
  9. man......I need to quit hunting and start fishing! I didn't think we would escalate this far this fast!
  10. and thanks for the forums primer! Will be very helpful!
  11. Just as a point of reference for this conversation......I walked the homes on the far side of CH near commuters lament......saw a wolf and was about to hit the bait button, jumped and chewed on. As I was tracking this wolf, ran across a bear, which I shot (rifle), but it didn't die. Came out the next morning and the bear was patrolling the area again. Shot it again with the rifle and it died. Thought this was the only bear. A couple days later I decided to finally try Quonset... got wolf jumped and while I was quartering that wolf, got mauled by a SECOND bear! Tada! I would have a maiming based on the above, or would need to be very careful to not get jumped again for a long time. I'll pm ideas as they come to me!
  12. @Mroz4kTo have that balance, I would think it would need to be the latter. Using your in-game body with little/no long term risk . I agree with the inevitable run-ins. For instance, I was at the fishing huts right off the lake in CH. I have run through CH, but never set up camp there. I was cooking the daily haul of fish, since I'm attempting to land the pictured largest catch somewhere on this forum or the steam forum. Anyway, I was shocked to hear a bear growling and charging me while I was in the middle of the cooking screen. I always wondered if that could happen, and now I know. Almost knocked my laptop in the floor it startled me that much. Thankfully, I was able to escape into the cabin. I didn't know the bear would track that far inland in CH. I chalk it up to the learning curve. Not sure if the fire would have kept the bear away or not. I'm still learning, but not allowing unnecessary physical wildlife fights. I still have yet to do the shoot and run mechanic in game for bear hunting. The last mauling I was trying to shoot the bear from distance and screwed up the keys trying to get inside a cabin. bear snack
  13. +1 then @Mroz4kbecause if they do tinker with the starvation method, it would make sense to change behaviors with a reward, rather than just the stick for punishment. You long timers keep us newer people in the loop of whats been suggested, one of the reasons why this game is awesome. My .02
  14. @cekiviI totally agree about the balance aspect. It's a hard line to walk in this game, because it's all a network of thin margins to make it "fair." Since I eat less in game, I find that I'm actually traveling and exploring more. And very much agree about living off deer in reality. That kg of deer also would have ~250 grams of protein, not to mention 2000 kcals. In game I was scarfing deer steaks daily to stay out of the red zone, not to mention fish I was downing.
  15. Going off of @JAFOmethod of eating, I was thinking that if you stayed fed regularly then your strength/carrying capacity should go up. This would be a reward for not playing starvation mode, at least in my opinion. Because a body in regular motion and activity being fed/rested should be increasing in capacity for that work. Nothing insane, but I would stay fed more often if I could gain say even a pound of carrying capacity a month of game time. Conversely, a penalty for not eating could being less carrying capacity. How many times have I been playing and the difference in that one pound of being over-encumbered is there? Even though I've finally started carrying the bow as the primary weapon I use, the extra pound for 30 game days would change some play styles, maybe not. I tend to packrat so I would take it. I have started eating more actually because I've moved areas and studying books makes it necessary. So I eat enough to carry over in the morning for about 4-5 hours.