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It would be awesome if you could play this game in co-op mode or online, the players can be McKenzie or Astrid when they're playing co-op mode or even a random surviver. You could play in groups of 4 people, or even more or less, making the game even harder because instead of looking for supplies for one person, it would be for a whole group.


And if a player dies while on co-op/online mode, he can't come back.

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Forget it, this game is not made for multiplayer. The devs have made it clear multiple times that they do not intend to implement any sort of multiplayer.

To be honest it’s for the best, I can understand the appeal but it’s just not what TLD is, and it would be WAY to much of a pain to implement

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As others have mentioned hinterland has said before multiplayer won't happen in the long dark it's just too complicated to add it with how the game is currently built, however they did say that they would consider it in a future game so TLD2 could have multiplayer.  nothing has been confirmed though so take that with a grain of salt

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