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So I have been playing Wintermute and have really been enjoying it I played on the lowest difficulty because I was new to the game I was really excited when I started the third chapter because I would finally get to battle the wolves my olny problem is I can’t hit anything! I have a revolver but can’t seem to hit anything! Not even at close range so I was wondering if I could get some tips and tricks for getting better at useing the weapons? -thanks

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When it comes to the revolver, make sure you're aiming, first (I know, but you'd be surprised). I generally have the target below the sight about 1/2 way.  I've found it advantageous to crouch while using it to hunt wolves since they "smell" you and come toward you but don't attack until they get pretty close, giving you time to shoot them in the face-mouth.

The Rifle is just about the same. However, your fatigue, body temperature, and skill level will play a role in how steady it is.   Crouching is also a good method with the rifle as well.

As with all things, practice makes perfect.  I practiced on rabbits until I felt I "knew" where the sights were aiming.  They don't go far and won't hurt you.

It can be very difficult to hit a charging wolf if you're on uneven terrain or around obstacles. Try to avoid those situations.

I hope this helps!

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1) Take some practice shots form varying distances at a fishing hut or other build and note where the marks from the bullet striking appear in relation to where you're sighting as you aim.  This is also a good idea when learning to shoot the bow or the rifle.  Practicing on rabbits, as suggested by another poster, can also help you figure out how the weapon accuracy works in game.

2) The target is most easily hit when you line them up near the center of your screen.

3) The easiest difficulty in Wintermute plays very much like Pilgrim mode in Survival.  That is, the wolves most frequently will run away from you rather than attack.  However, if you aim a weapon at them and they see you do this, they will be incited to charge you.  In Pilgrim survival mode (and in easiest difficulty Wintermute), it is very easy to kill wolves that are feeding on their own prey (rabbits or deer).  This enables you to sneak up on them from the side without being detected and take almost point-blank aim at them... much easier than trying to shoot them as they are running away from you.

4) Just because the animal flees doesn't necessarily mean you've missed them entirely.  Check for a blood trail leading away from the spot where you shot at them.  If this trail is present for a little ways leading away from that spot (where there is usually are larger splash of blood), this is a fairly sure indicator that that animal will eventually bleed out and die.  While following a blood trail, it will often just disappear.  This usually just means that animal got far enough ahead of you that the tracks faded and despawned.  The animal will still likely eventually die and crows will usually gather where that animal fell.  You do have several hours (possibly 4 game days) to find the carcass before it degrades and despawns.

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