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Hi guys, i am new here, and i have a question, maybe it exists somewhere but i couldn't find it, the question is, as i saw in a lot videos in utube, as the character walks he can turn his head left and right and he continues walking in a straight line, i didn't manage to find the right keys to do it so, in windows (laptop), after a point it's quit important. Any help?

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I tried it but as i turn my head with the mouse the direction i walk change as well, what i am trying to find out is how you walk constantly straight ahead while you turn your head left and right without changing direction, i know you can do it with a joystick in game platforms, but with mouse and keyboard i still try to find it

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I would just like to mention, for posterity, that enabling and using the Auto-walk feature will indeed keep you moving slightly forward while you're turning and compensating for directional walking (i.e. strafing).  I know because I fell off that rickety old wooden trestle, losing a 110 day run. I guess that's how you learn 😂.

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