Simply cannot stab this bear...


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I'm betting something like this gets posted a lot. Sorry! 

But I'm currently in the middle of Signal to Noise, trying to get the last two radio parts. I'm beyond frustrated because I just CAN'T stab the bear with the legendary spear. I don't have an issue with the button-mashing in combat, it's the fact that I can't even get to stab him in the first place. When I let go of the button to do the stab animation, I am somehow either too close or too far away from him -- in any case, I always get attacked, no matter my timing. I've reloaded nearly a dozen times with the same results, and I'm just dropping story mode for now in lieu of checking out Ash Canyon. 

Anyone have any advice? (I play on PS4.) I can't help but feel it's unbalanced. I want to finish story mode, but I'm stuck here!

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On 12/18/2020 at 5:02 AM, Ps4Methuselah said:

If you wait till he hits the ground, he will be on you before you can raise the spear.

That depends on how far away he is at the time.  The first charge for me has different timing than the next two because I go into it with a full stamina bar. After winning the first struggle I backpedal away from him as he runs off.  I want to put as much distance between us so I have more time to recover stamina.  So in that case when he charges the second and third time, I'm farther away and have to set the spear while he's running towards me.

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On 12/19/2020 at 10:57 PM, Ps4Methuselah said:

Right you are my friend....distance does change the timing of everything. In my second encounter with the old bear by Spences tower, i even had to patch a wound after the first charge because i misjudged his attack. I swear i still have PTSD from how many times that old bear killed me. My old lap top had a very low fps so it hampered my button mashing at the time.

Thanks to ps4 though, Bob's my uncle now.:coffee:

I can so relate to your PTSD comment!!! I had tried to kill the old bear in the cave DOZENS of times, but something was preventing the "fight back!" bar from charging fully. I tried playing on another computer with better specs and no longer had any issues. I beat it quickly at that point. I loved the story mode overall and would highly recommend it to anyone. However, the old bear fights were probably the most frustrating component. Nearly drove me crazy.

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