Escape the Darkwalker losing arrow on map


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I think you have the white arrow marking your location on then map on this mode usually always, but if you save the game and leave, you lose the marker and it's never coming back, sometimes I also lose the toxic fog counter also. Makes this a lot harder if you don't know the maps in and out and because of the restricted vision, basically sometimes it gets kinda hard to leave the area before you run out of time because of the toxic fog and you got a bit lost on some  areas. Anyone else having the same issues?

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Other known glitches and issues by Gun Tech.



  • Lures can expire and then be 100% again, making the DarkWalker seemingly teleport. It can teleport to close to the exit. You can then sleep 2h to expire the glitched Lure, place a Lure a bit away from the exit, and bypass it.
  • Fog timer can temporarily turn to 0 when you click a door, but it will be restored when outdoors again. This is not detrimental.
  • Sometimes, the Fog % is not displayed on the map. This can be detrimental if you have to go back through the current region.
  • If it's your first run, your position might not be marked on the map. Consider starting a short test run and make your second run the proper one, so you can see your position.
  • The Ward time meter will end prematurely, when there's more than 1/10 left on it. Avoid time-passing actions during Ward altogether. Cooking 2 cups of coffee is OK.
  • The DarkWalker sometimes spawns in at the exit of the region in front of you, even though you left it behind in the previous. Especially WR is problematic, since it's a small, narrow corridor. This is detrimental. If the behavior is bound to regions, you can work around this glitch by doing the opposite of what is recommended - hanging out right outside the entrance to the region and Lure it there, giving you a greater chance of bypassing it.

I hope this helps someone. Cheers! //Gun Tech."

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