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I lost my latest game save on my 200 day Interloper run due to the game save on Steam not matching the one on my laptop. When I picked the latest one when the game loaded up my newest save was nowhere to be found. Is there a way to reverse it or is it gone forever? 

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This happened to me yesterday.  It's the only time it's ever happened, but it cost me dearly.   I'm in a Stalker run and I was lightening my load in Forlorn Muskeg at the homestead.  I put my bear skin sleeping bag in the locker there, along with my rifle and around 80 rounds of ammo.  I had just crafted a new bow and around 15 arrows, and was making a quick loot run to Broken Railroad before heading off to Hushed River Valley.  

When I went to sleep before leaving, it said something like "auto save FAILED, check that sufficient storage is available".  Plenty of SSD space.  I tried to pass time, same thing.  Sleep an hour again, same thing.  In hindsight, I should have paused the game and walked away for a while.  If it's a cloud sync issue, maybe that would have saved me.  But, I didn't want to continue my run without being able to save my progress, so I bit the bullet and closed my game to see what the damage would be.

It was very interesting... when I loaded my save, I still had a 100% bow, but I also still had all the items I used to craft it; the maple branch and both cured guts.  All of the the birch, maple, and a bearskin I had curing in a nearby cave were gone.  My bearskin bag  and over 80 rounds that I had put in the locker were also gone.  It seems that it saved the state of all of my items that were in my inventory, but it forgot anything in the world that I had done since my last successful "save" or sync. 

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So today I had my 700 day Ash Canyon player just waking up after a sleep and was getting ready to go out and check some snares and as I was waking up my laptop just shuts off. When I load the game up the save is GONE! Just so frustrating.

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