So I’m listening to the wind howl off the bayou.....


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So I’m laying here, in my nice warm bed, listening to what was hurricane delta just absolutely howl outside. Kinda feel like I’m in the game lol, visibility just plain sucks outside and I’m outta coffee. I think maybe there’s a wolf downstairs. Anyone else ever feel like this? What game mechanic strikes your Deja vu?


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I love my warm weather, I love my palm trees, I love my abundance of poisonous bitey reptiles....oh wait, scratch that last part, snakes suck...I love my bayous, and crawfish, and 80 degree November days, but I wouldn’t mind some semblance of winter, if only for a couple weeks. Last year the coldest night was 22F. By like 5 degrees too. And that was in November. That’s like -4C in polar bear degrees...and yes, I’m sure that polar bear would immediately attack me. 

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