A Dead Wolf that is Not Dead?


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So I was playing my Stalker save "Wolf Spirit" earlier today and was out during an aurora when a wolf charged towards me. It scared the frick out of me, but somehow I managed to aim accurately and shoot the wolf. I followed the blood trail and this is what I found at the end of it.20201007_143910.thumb.jpg.8c048847222819e9ac024d1c82794608.jpg20201007_143920.thumb.jpg.6969e1eaf78fb7ea3e0cd3b3a233dd6b.jpg20201007_143931.thumb.jpg.554f56c955c5e30a7e013fc99b740434.jpg20201007_143945.thumb.jpg.eb0529d12f3171f7efc5e17c89118fae.jpg20201007_144020.thumb.jpg.cfda77222709b0371f6644d7e9631257.jpg

I have seen this happen before with other people, but it has never happened to me before until this time! The weird thing was, the wolf was still animated in a way, it was breathing and shaking but was technically dead? 

Here are some pictures of it after the aurora.


My outing here was a quite a adventure as whilst heading back to my base, I ran into the Moose and I killed it. Couldn't harvest it at the moment as my condition was low and I had to get back home PRONTO. I survived the ordeal and will be back for the meat and guts and the hide for the Satchel.

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That first picture reminds me why I don't travel by night anymore unless necessary. After seeing those beady green eyes coming at me a few times, that was enough lol.

I've had that same thing happen to me too. This shot was taken a while ago and it hasn't happened since so I had figured they fixed it but here we are :D



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2 minutes ago, PrincessAutumn said:

That first picture reminds me why I don't travel by night anymore unless necessary. 

I woke up during the night when the aurora was happening and went down the path of the Lonely Lighthouse to the main road, and that's when the wolf came out. It was kinda ironically funny in a way, because I was thinking, "Gee, haven't seen any wolves in a while. I even killed and harvested a whole deer and brought it back to base with nothing in sight. Did all the wolves in Desolation Point like die?"

Then I got a scare as there was a bark and a aurora crazy wolf charged towards me. I don't know how I was able to shoot it in the startled state I was in, but I did. I tracked the blood trail as I was desperate for food and needed something to eat.

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I'd say it's probably best to open a ticket on the support portal:

If they find your particular bug peculiar, they might request to have a look at your save file.  You may have a more unique manifestation.  I've had wolves die in a standing position (usually from death during a delayed second struggle... or when I could shoot a wounded wolf very quickly after a struggle), but never would they still continue to display animations.

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