Long Dark Bleak Existence - Bleak Inlet Only with a Twist (Custom Interloper-ish)


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Hi all, wanted to invite anyone here on the Hinterland Forums to check out my new run that I'm calling "Bleak Existence."  I start outside of Bleak Inlet at dawn and have one day to get to Bleak to survive there and only there.  That is the only region in the world left sustaining life....if you can actually call a life in Bleak a life.   I chose Mystery Lake to start given its vicinity to Bleak and going to the top area of Bleak first, but you could do any nearby region in this setup I think.  It's a toughie - the cold, the ML start, and time crunch.  Would love for anyone to be a part of this and always open to the wisdom and thoughts of others or any reactions.  Hope everyone is doing well.


(Note: my previous run I had posted about here with location decay is something hope to get back to - in a new version - later on).



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Uploading, Episode 8 right now!  If you enjoy seeing a lot of red and blank on the condition bar then this is for you.  If you enjoy what I can best describe as an active and frantic hopelessness, then this is also for you.  If you like analyzing situations with limitations and deciding what will take longest to die from, then this will also perk your interest.

Here is the playlist link:


Here is the thumbnail of the most recent episode which I'm uploading. Thanks TLDers!




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Awesome. Go for it - give it a whirl.  Let me know how it goes.

Turkeysteam said he was going to try it out too, but starting in CH which sounds really interesting as well.  As I told him, you could try the concept to any one region, with a start in a nearby region and a time limit to get to the target (and forever) region.  Or even on a more vague level, anything that creates a time crunch and region limitation (those are the two concept really at use).

Hope it goes well.  Good luck Blink.  Thanks for the comment and taking part.


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