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So the more time you spend in the game the more feats you unlock. They're a reward for your struggles and real life exchanged. I'm fond of  the feats feature. Now the longer you play and the more experienced you become the higher difficulties you want to overcome. However, as you know you can only use X number of feats dependent on difficulty with 5 on pilgrim and 2 on interloper. Don't get me wrong I understand the thinking behind this. That you want to make the game more difficult and limiting feats does do that though not nearly as significantly as the interloper settings do. So it is in my opinion that the number of feats used be inverted. With 2 on pilgrim and 5 on interloper. Which in my opinion would reward the player for the time they've invested and desire for a greater challenge most appropriately. Please do consider this and let me know what you think. 

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You can always start a custom game with all the settings at interloper difficulty and then use the full 5 feats if you desire. Likewise you can make a custom game set a pilgrim and only pick 2 feats. I get what you're saying but the way its set out now is to provide greater difficulty for those who have played longer and want more of a challenge, which makes more intuitive sense I think.

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