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Now that Winter's Embrace (WE) 2020 has concluded, we might consider things that might be added in the 2021 version of WE.

Since WE was Voyager-based with environmental modifications, there seemed to be no reason why WE 2021 would not allow a player, if they so chose, to play under vanilla Stalker or Interloper mode difficulty.  The stated caveat would be that WE 2021 was intended for Voyager-mode and, aside from environmental changes for the event, all other aspects of Stalker and Interloper (including scarcity of food drops) still apply.   IOW, there was no effort to make Stalker or Interloper play in WE 2021 "fair" or "fairer" or even "doable". 

As a thought, the ability to do Canadian Feast across different WE save games should still apply but, for the masochist or determined player, there might be a special badge - Canadian Feast - Stalker [Only] and Canadian Feast - Interloper [Only] in addition to the usual Canadian Feast badge.  There is the problem of cheesing ("cheating") because of the scarcity of maple syrup in any given sandbox, but Hinterland can try to figure out how to handle that.

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I understand that the added difficulty appeals to the really experienced player, but I think adding too many of the badges would not be a good idea. If the more casual players feel like they have no chance to reach these badges, it would make them bitter. If we want the community to expand and have more players be attracted to the game, it should make it possible for them to obtain all the badges at a reasonable difficulty.

For the more hardcore players, you can put a self-imposed challenge to do it at a higher difficulty.

That said - I would not mind if the players could opt to play the mode in Stalker or Interloper difficulty.

Didnt play Winters embrace myself, sadly. No time last year. Hoping to find some this year.

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