A tribute to Fluffy...That bitch.

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In the early editions of TDL there was Fluffy. Fluffy was the hydro dam wolf who once in a while spawned and had the sole purpose of jump scaring and killing Wil Mack. I'm proposing an idea for a tribute where in story mode Mack sees a wolf in a high up cave suckling pups near the dam. You can't attack her and she can't get you. You can, if you want, leave her a piece of raw meat. 

Just a fun tribute to the beginnings of the game.

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i think a idea like that would fit good into the story mode somehow. i dont KNOW how, but it would be cool. maybe make her growl at you atleast, as i feel a wolf wouldnt just let you waltz up to her and her babies, but make it so if you crouch and drop meat or something, she stops and eats it.


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