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  1. Recipes could be use as a goal or badge to meet; Reishi stew, surf and turf, cat tail salad, etc This is a minimalist game and glow sticks are the same as roadflares. A thermos might be already on Will's backpack, thus the holding of liquid. I think the greatest need is more blueprints for animal hides; socks, shirts, etc
  2. anything and everything. Polaroids, gloves, etc
  3. Some Canadian history: A crashed Avro Arrow?
  4. Well fed works at the beginning but once you are hunkered down in a base, storage takes the burden off your need to carry. Practicing in Pilgrim, you can raid most of the major sections in 80 days; Mountain Town, Mystery Lake, Muskeg, broken railroad (I wish you could move the Hunting lodge to Mystery Lake!), Ravine, ETC.
  5. Sadly, yes. Most Blunderbusses are wall hangers
  6. I wish you had left over scrap to make stuff. I'd make an all-animal, all-fur undershirt
  7. a blunderbuss would be awesome. Little gunpowder, throw in scrap metal. BLAM!
  8. I'm piggybacking on what you said: old 1970's weights had leadshot for the weight and can be a source for lead. shotguns for new weapon. Non-lethal ammo might have a use.
  9. OLD, OLD, weights are filled with lead shot. shotguns? non-lethal ammo?
  10. I have spent 140 game days looting everywhere with the specific intent to get my mending up to 5 and only at 4.9. Looted Milton, broken railroad, Mystery Lake, got the clothing prepper's cache, Old Spence Homestead, and it feels like the gap between 4 and 5 is 20% too wide.
  11. well Will Mac is a pilot, glider off Timerwolf Mountain?
  12. I live in a small town of about 2000 and there is a mom and pop shop for sporting goods. Or a general store. Not asking for a Canadian Tire.
  13. With the last dev notes hinting Blackrock my mind is racing. So much opportunity for adventure/loot/moral decision making. Here's what I have thought of: Prison shivs/improvised knives Prison toilet wine/water from toilets/hidden things in tanks library for non-gun knowledge prison food/nutriloaf prison cafeteria for canned food batons/night sticks riot shields: awkward but a bear can not scratch or bite through Lexan gun locker barbed wire implements? Moral choice: Find hungry prisoner. Let him out, feed him/her, shoot them, or let them rot? Hand operated sewing machines, pre-electric hand crank sewing machines prison clothing confiscation room full of contraband tool shop
  14. most of the trees at Old Spence Homestead look like Maple transplants.
  15. There is maple syrup but what about frozen maple tree sap where you can get hydration and calories. mmmmmm....maple sugar cookies.
  16. or use it to bait bunnies to snares?
  17. It is a weak oxidizer per
  18. peroxide is so heavy and only has one use. Does anyone have any use for it other than cleaning wounds and/or cleaning?
  19. I have never seen sporting good shops, (focused on hunting and fishing), in my trips to Ontario and Quebec, but so many ideas for goods; bear bells, bear spray, snacks, etc
  20. I trust people more than machines. Sorry.
  21. Is there a mod where ALL the surprise caches are active in survival mode?
  22. I'm having trouble with touchpads and gun shooting. I aim with the right button but can't shoot with the left. I know it's a design flaw with touchpads but is there a work around?
  23. Ever just walk around your house and realize that it would make a great looting location in TDL? Why not a contest where you can film your house to put it in the next region of TDL? please note, I live in a double wide in the woods but Will Mack. would love this. Just from where I am sitting, lighter, lighter fluid, scrap and cloth as far as the eye can see, snack foods, tea, soda, FOOD!, bottled water, cooking pots, ETC. Would this work or would it be a legal problem?