Archery skill, What does "Bleed out time reduced" mean?


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For hunting purposes, the animal mode for effective hits generally consists of critical hits which kills the animal instantly and bleeding wounds where the animal will die after bleeding out.  How long it takes for an animal, excluding moose which do not bleed out and rabbits that tend to die with any serious hit, depends on the animal and the location of the hit/bleed.   The most severe (shortest time) bleed-out timers are associated with head/neck hits and may take 45 game minutes to an hour (or more) as I understand it.  

The nature of the critical hit versus bleeding wounds model means that for bleeding wounds the shortest applicable bleed timer applies.  It cannot be hurried by shooting the animal multiple times.    The purpose of multiple shots tends to be to try and get a critical hit so the animal dies on the spot. So if a wounded animal has a four hour bleed timer and, with one or more shots, it gets a one hour bleed timer and more four hour timers, the timer with the shortest remaining time to bleed out applies. 

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