easier or harder? update notes for Winters embrace


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The ketchup chips are a slight decrees in the tacl (total average calories in loot)  being a below average food with high hydration drain making. Basically they are worse jerky.

I think that it's pretty obvious that things are easier though since the maple syrup is so power full. With 850 calories and a weight of 0.30 means we have a calories per kilogram of 2,833, meaning the only denser food is MRE.

Difficulty ranking 0.7ish might change as I go through each update. (wintermute1.0s update is the base line at one)


I think it is cool that they added the to filters even thought they currently have some bugs. Even though I can't stand the heritage filter, the Noir filter actually gives the game a entirely different  feel although that may have just been because as soon as I turned it on I started listening The House of the rising Son, but non the less it gave me some cool mode ideas / game ideas.

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I think you should also look at the other food sources.

crackers are with 6000 calories per kilogram still far superior. and the energy bar has 5000. (and both are more dense than the 3500 of the MRE or jerky)

even the new chips got 3000 and are therefor more dense than the syrup.

I'm just unsure what the deterioration differences or the chance of food poison of the new food options are. But I don't think that there is something better than crackers with the zero deterioration and non existing poison chance and high calorie density. 

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Yeah, cattails are insanely OP ingame one shoot (19g) has around 4.8 Calories IRL, in game one stalk has 150.0 (or 31x the the amount.)  Plus as the post above notes, no dehydration, and No decay!  At 150 Cal it's almost like they accidentally added an extra 0 on the end of the calorie info and never adjusted it.



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The cattails are OP and all the meat is underpowered. Especially rabbit meat. Rabbit meat IRL is about 1700 kcal/kg compared to the 500 or so in the game.

The numbers in the game were chosen based off some gameplay objective and has little to do with reality.

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On 7/4/2020 at 4:54 PM, kingpott said:

crackers are with 6000 calories per kilogram still far superior

I think that the dehydration for the crackers consumption is to be accounted for.

It's a minor handicap, of course, because there are many way to avoid/fix it (eg: you eat them when you're already full dehydrated, or you got fuel to spare so you boil up an extra liter while waiting in a cave, or you pass by a toilet, or whatever), but they require a lot of water to be sustainable: this offset their calories density advantage a little, imho.

EDIT: wording

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You are correct that the crackers have some disadvantage, but water is one of the easiest things to get so it's not too big of a disadvantage.

Tea is also quite good for travel. It's 100g for 100-150 calories plus a lot of hydration. Tea and crackers.

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